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moselle URO
moselle URO (Inbuilt 10 Ltrs Storage with Auto Level Float)
Price Rs. 13900/-
Electricity for Filtration Electric
Auto Flushing Electricity Required Yes
Output Flow (LPH) @ 1 Bar 10
Multi Stage Filtration Macro/Micro/UF/Activated Carbon
Maintenance Minimal
Technlogy UF Followed by RO
Technology Back Up Patented technology from CSIR/NCL(Patent No 1811/DEL/96)
US Patent No: 6858141B2
Certification By Laboratories of National Repute
Output Water Quality Pyroxene Free
Unwanted Bacteria like Cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas, Pathogens, E-Coli 100 % Removal
Viruses Hepatitis 'A' and 'E' 100% Removal
Cooler Attachment Yes
Online Filtration Yes
Clarity of Water Sparkling Crystal Clear
Easy To Install and Operate Yes
User and Eco Friendly Yes
Compaq and Sleek Water Purifier Yes