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  1. What is the range of Filtration Process?


  2. What is a Membrane?

    Membrane is a selective barrier that includes separation of dissolved solutes in liquids and gas mixtures.

  3. What is Surface Water?

    Surface water is water from Streams, lakes, rivers.

  4. What is Ground Water?

    Ground Water is water that is found in the earth’s surface such as bore wells, open wells.

  5. Why are water borne diseases caused?

    Water borne diseases are mainly cased due to contamination of fresh water with pathogens/E-Coli and viruses.

  6. Why Ultra Filtration Membrane Technology is the best to overcome water borne diseases?

    UF membranes physically separate the bacteria and viruses and are the most ideal treatment for Surface Water / Municipal Water.

  7. How much water is wasted due to the usage of UF Systems?

    Rejection of water is less than 5%.

  8. What are advantages of UF over UV and RO based systems?

    (RO) Based Filters UV Based Filters UF Membrane Based Filters
    • Requires Electricity
    • Over 50% of water is rejected & thrown away
    • High maintenance cost
    • Electricity is essential
    • Deficient dose, Deficient data, carry over toxins.
    • Shelf life a problems due to Colloidal Impurities.
    • May not Eliminate E-coli, Bacteria & Viruses unless Specially designed UV systems & power is available
    • Works without electricity
    • Rejection of water is 5%.
    • System does not inactivate or kill but physically removes Bacteria, Viruses.
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Most ideal for surface Water / Municipal Water.

  9. What is the meaning of TDS?

    TDS is commonly called as TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS and is the measure of inorganic and organic content in liquids.

  10. When is Reverse Osmosis System to be used?

    Reverse Osmosis is primarily used to remove the dissolved ions in water and is highly recommended to be used when TDS > 500.

  11. What is Tertiary Water?

    Tertiary water is the next treatment to secondary treatment and makes the water safe for human contact using UF Membranes.

  12. How much maintenance is required for UF Systems?

    Minimal Maintenance.

  13. Why Ultra Filtration is recommended along with Reverse Osmosis System?

    • UF acts as a pre-treatment to RO and thus enhances the life of the RO Membrane.
    • Blending of RO Permeate Can be achieved: Means UF Permeate Water can be mixed with RO Permeate water and hence the TDS of output water can be controlled within permissible limits.
    • In case RO system is under maintenance 100% safe, pure water can be used from outlet of UF System.

  14. Are UF Systems Cost-Effective?

    UF Systems are extremely cost-effective and with minimal maintenance cost.

  15. What are the usages of UF membranes other than drinking water?

    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Milk and Milk Products
    • Sugar Industry
    • Fruit Juices
    • Paint Industry