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Institutional Products

For Schools and Colleges (Prerana)

For Banks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Offices

Technical Specifications

  1. Output of the system 3 Lit/Day/Student (100 LPH upto 400 LPH)
  2. Can work on gravity flow from 30’ or by hand pump or electric motor built internally or external
  3. Output Quality of filtered water to IS 10500
  4. CSIR/NCL – Indian/US patented UF Membrane Technology
  5. Proven UF- Membrane technology to remove
    • e- Coli up to ‘6’ log reduction
    • Viruses Hepatitis ‘A’ & ‘E’ 4 Log reduction
    • Certified NABL accredited Laboratories
  6. Pre filtration from 20 to 1 micron with added bag filter to handle higher turbidity & higher size of particulates
  7. Impregnated carbon to remove odor from input water
  8. Enclosed non metallic Chamber - Optional
  9. Non metallic/non corrosive filtered Storage Tank 100 liters with overflow attachment

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