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Mobile unit for Bacteria Free & Virus Free Pure & Safe Drinking Water

What is so innovative in Ape Jaldoot!

  • We come across several water filters in the market place and its getting spread on account of increasing awareness of safe drinking water and the ill effects on account of poor quality of drinking water.
  • However how many of such filters can be useful to the households in the villages has always remained a question!
  • Even today, household ladies still go the nearby water sources, open well, lake, river, pond for washing clothes, utensils and at the end of such exhaustive exercise, the poor lady is busy in carrying drinking water for her household consumption. And this happens almost every day in the villages scenario.
  • When provided with community purpose water filtration system at a central point in villages, the very ladies who are extremely busy in the morning hours do not have additional time to go to another place of such water booths and get safe drinking water. These ladies generally do not trust their own men to do such work nor do men participate in doing so!
  • When worked exhaustively in surveying many such villages, quite a few ladies mentioned as can such safe drinking water be provided at home! And the wheels in the mind started working as how to go about handling such a simple problem but of chronic nature and yet provide a cost effective yet full proof solution of first making safe drinking water and the reaching it safely house to house!
  • Here is the point where IDEA of Jaldoot has emerged
  • Jaldoot Creates:
    1. Entrepreneurship Development
    2. Reaches safe drinking water to the bottom of the pyramid


  • Works without Electricity.
  • Easy for Transportation
  • Easy for operation
  • Maintenance & repairs are simple
  • Environmental free
  • Certification from renown labs
  • For the first time in the country
  • Can generate revenue
  • Can reach from place to place
  • Useful to everyone irrespective of income
  • 100% safe Drinking Water

Unique Features


  • Technology
  • Technology Backup

  • Unwarranted Bacteria, E-Coli, Cryptosporidium,Pyroxene,Pseudomonas,Pathogens
  • Viruses ‘A’ & ‘E’
  • Clarity of Water
  • Quality of Water
  • Mode to build Pressure
  • Output Flow Rates

Specificities of Purioin F n P- Jaldoot

  • Ultra Filtration Membrane Base
  • India Patented (No.1811) & Us Patented (No.6858141 B2) from CSIR/NCL, Govt. of India
  • Responsible for Cholera, Typhoid,gastroenteritis, diarrhea, giardiasis,etc 100% removed (5 Log,reduction)
  • Responsible for Jaundice are 100% removed (4 Log reduction)
  • Sparking Crystal Clear
  • 100% Potable
  • PTO shaft from Engine driven pump
  • ~1500 LPH / 25 LPM

Product Specifications

  1. A proposed three vehicle PIAGGIO Auto with PTO shaft drive for running the pump
  2. Centrifugal Pump, directly coupled to PTO shaft drive of the three wheeler auto with chain drive/Belt Drive & runs when vehicle s is in neutral from safety point of view
  3. Filter for removal of particulate with three way special valve having arrangement for rinsing, drain, through flow
  4. Filter for improving the taste of water with three way special valve having arrangement for rinsing, drain, through flow
  5. Filter for removing temporary Hardness if any, with three way special valve having arrangement for rinsing, drain, through flow, & auto recharge valve arrangement
  6. Micro-Filter multipurpose pre filter in Big Blue Housing
  7. UF- Membrane based five stage water filtration system UF – Membrane & interconnected with CPVC food grade tubing To remove the microbiological contamination in water
  8. AISI 304, Stainless Steel Storage Tank of Capacity 500 liters with sanitary finish Outlet valve 25mm Ball Valve Tank mounted on Steel frame & anti vibrating mounting to store pure and safe drinking water

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