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Water is absolutely essential for human life, rather every life.

As on date we are the only Company who has State of the Art Membrane Technology that has been licensed from CSIR/NCL, result of very hard & untiring work done by the Indian scientist. We at Membrane Filters (I) have in house facility of producing the membrane which is by any standard a significant achievement in the country. We provide safe drinking water filters based on this Technology and have very exciting opportunities for the youngster to make their career.

We of course, provide facility of freedom of working, independent & challenging work environment in a growing organization of ours.

We are looking forward to have young, energetic, enthusiastic graduates (male/female) who would like to make career in

  • Sale & Marketing
  • Material Management
  • Polymer Science & Membrane Manufacturing.
  • Quality Control.
  • Front Desk Sales personnel.
  • Product Development & application engineering.

To join the team email us @