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Surface Water

UF-Membrane System

UF 0.25m3 / hr, 0.5m3 / hr, 1m3 / hr, 2m3 / hr, 5m3 / hr, 7m3 / hr, 10m3 and above.

» Unique Features

  • Multi Stage Filtration Process : Macro,Micro & UF followed by GAC
  • UF Membrane Technology based product.
  • Certified by Laboratories of National Repute for removal of Bacteria (E-Coli) and Viruses (Hepatitis 'A' & 'E') responsible for water borne diseases.
  • Easy to Install & Operate.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • User and Eco friendly

» Operational Features

  • Ideal for ONLINE Installation and Gravity for Surface/Municipal water
  • Uninterrupted flow of filtered water
  • Separate outlet for removing impure/rejected water
  • An ideal solution for Pre-Treatment to RO System to increase self life

Ground Water

Contaminated with Inorganic such as Iron (Fe) / Arsenic (As) / Fluoride (F)

5000 Liters/Hr or above.

  • 1000 (5 to 7.5 KLPD)
  • Solar Operated &/Or Grid Power Operated


Provision of Solar Lights

5000 LPH (40-50KLPD)

Cost effective solutions for treating ground water using innovative technologies & avail safe drinking water.
Stand Alone Systems directly connected to ground water source.


  • No manual operations since operated on Solar Power / Grid Power
  • Solar Panels will be from reputed manufacturer and IEC approved
  • Solar Lights with good level of illumination during night hours
  • Treatment plant not accessible to common man hence no reason to get tampered
  • Water is drawn on continuous basis with auto level controller
  • Water Storage Tank with 3-4 dispensing outlets
  • Provision of Coin Vending Machine – Provisional
  • Human Effort just to operate outlet tap
  • Possible to install even in densely populated area since space required is bare minimal
  • Removes Dissolved Iron (10 ppm to < 3 ppm)
  • Removes Fluoride (10ppm to < 1 ppm)
  • Removes Dissolved Arsenic to BDL (Below Detectable Level)
  • Life Expectancy depends upon site specific water quality and operating levels
  • Long Operating Cycle and Low Operating Cost
  • Low Residual and Back Wash Effluents (0.10%)
  • Low Pressure Drops


  • Iron Treatment - Granulated Media (Adsorption)
  • Arsenic Treatment - Granulated Media (Adsorption Disposal Type)
  • Fluoride Treatment - Granulated Media (Adsorption Disposable Type or Regeneration Type)

Effluent Disposal

  • Since media created good filter bed and not consumed in process easy to back wash
  • Back Washing removes precipitant
  • So long remains in contact with O2, does not decompose
  • Only periodic washing enough
  • Due to working on principle of Adsorption & no leaching back wash not harmful
  • Once exhausted can be sent to a non-hazardous land fill disposal or brick industry


  • NSF Standard 61 and Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Approved
  • Certified for Non-Toxicity
  • Solar System IEC Certified for running submersible pump

In recent years, the increasing threat to groundwater quality has become a matter of great concern. A vast majority of groundwater quality problems present today are caused by contamination such as Iron, Arsenic & Fluorides. In many of these areas groundwater is only source of drinking water, thus a large population is exposed to risk of consuming contaminated water.High iron levels in groundwater are widely reported & Inorganic constituents of significant risk to health that occurs in groundwater has been studied in recent years of research.

One such constituents such as Iron is reported in many villages in the State of Bihar and widely spread in Northern part so also along the Kosi basin and significantly noticed in more than 9 districts such as Begusarai, Khagaria, Saharsa, Purnea, Kisanganj, Madhepura, Araria, Supaul & Katihar etc.

Pratibha – Membrane Filters a Joint Venture who has expertise undertook the responsibility to work on removal of such Iron Contamination from ground water. Right from the stage of identifying the land with the help of local Government authorities, digging the Bore well, running the entire submersible pumping system by using solar power started the challenging work of working in 500 villages and started installing Iron Removal Treatment Plants that has been specially designed using the latest state of the art technology followed by Ultra Filtration and reaching such processed water to the villagers in remotest part of Bihar.

The Technology so complex yet made very simple to operate has been one of the key features of the project. Moving from place to place, engaging civil Engineering techniques and Project Management specialization has made this possible to execute such a herculean task of installing such plants that now benefit over million inhabitants in the country side villages.

Granular filter media a specially engineered product to remove Dissolved Iron in an efficient, safe and cost - effective manner from Ground Water is used. Filter media is used in either gravity fed or pressurized water treatment systems & acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and the iron / Mn compounds.

Dissolved Iron is usually in the ferrous bicarbonate or Fe (II) state due to excess of free carbon dioxide and is not filterable. The Media acting as a catalyst between oxygen and soluble iron compounds enhances the oxidation reaction and produces ferric hydroxide or Fe (III), state which is insoluble and precipitates.

Ferric hydroxide precipitate is easily be filtered. The physical characteristics of this media provide an excellent filter media & are easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant.

The Media is not consumed in the iron removal operation and offers a tremendous economic advantage over many other iron removal methods

Thus treated water then passes through indigenously manufactured Ultra Filtration membrane, licensed from CSIR/ NCL a prestigious laboratory of Govt. of India thus making water totally safe & pure for drinking.

Then it is stored in 5000 litters’ over head tank till it is distributed to the villagers through specially laid down pipelines and availed through 22 such stand posts.

Once the plant is installed, erected, the local representatives who also work as guards of such plant are well trained to run such plants.

The Project Management Company Pratibha – Membrane Filters Organization also works with their research wing and has specially designed and engineered the plants to handle complex in organics such as Arsenic and Fluorides. Thus has made the Drinking water Affordable, Accessible & now made Available to a common man in the state of Bihar and now poised to spread its wings across all such States where problem with such undesirable In organics such as Iron, Arsenic and Fluoride are faced.

High Level of TDS – UF followed by RO

UF followed by RO

UF followed by RO -Membrane System

UFRO 0.25m3 / hr, 0.5m3 / hr, 1m3 / hr, 2m3 / hr, 5m3 / hr, 7m3 / hr, 10m3 and above.

» Unique Features

  • Multi Stage Filtration Process : Macro,Micro(20 micro to 1 micro),Granulated Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, UF followed by Reverse Osmosis
  • UF Membrane based on Indigenous Technology based Product
  • Reverse Osmosis to remove dissolved ions in water
  • Ultra Filtration Membrane acts as a pretreatment to RO
  • UF Membrane helps in reducing the SDI <3 ppm and hence protects RO Membranes
  • With UF Membrane – Blending of RO Permeate Water can be done using UF Outlet Water there by controlling the TDS of permeate water
  • Certified by Laboratories of National Repute for removal of Bacteria (E-Coli) and Viruses (Hepatitis 'A' & 'E') responsible for water borne diseases.
  • Easy to Install & Operate.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • User and Eco friendly

» Operational Features

  • Ideal for ONLINE Installation and Ground Water (Raw Water TDS 500 to 2000 max)
  • Permeate TDS < 150
  • Recovery 20% to 30%
  • Uninterrupted flow of filtered water
  • Separate Outlet for removing impure / reject water
  • System Operation Automatic through Control Panel & Electronic Actuators
  • Powder Coated MS Skid
  • Instrumentation such as Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges, Rotameters, Low Pressure & High Pressure Switches
  • Auto Level Electronic Float Switch based on level in water tank

» Optional Features

  • Auto Cleaning/Backwashing of Ultra Filtration Membranes

» Applications

  1. Boiler Feed Water
  2. Food and Beverage Industry
  3. Processed Water

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